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DiSK Creator

Conventional 35mm slide kits had their time but in today's fast paced digital world they are dinosaurs. Ever since the introduction of Microsoft's PowerPoint the 35mm slide's days were numbered. PowerPoint is a fantastic application for it's intended uses, but has a few shortcomings when it comes to directly replacing the conventional 35mm system. With FlashPoint's DiSK Creator Application our clients are provided with a more intuitive means of distributing their presentation materials to their intended audiences. PowerPoint is a robust and complex piece of software that can take a long time to master. DiSK Creator uses a much easier to use interface that only deals with the standard features needed to create custom presentations from a pre-determined source pool of slides. This enables your representatives to custom tailor a new presentation on a per-client basis that specifically targets only the relative points. Users can choose slides from multiple source "decks" to further simplify the creation process. Make the move to the next generation of slide media kits and contact us.

Overview of features:

Multiple, Controllable "Decks" of slides
Users choose from source desks to create their custom presentation(s). Source decks can be organized by any category such as sales point, topic or product.

Saveable Presentation Configurations
Users can create multiple versions of their presentations and save those configuartions to be recalled later. For example a 23 slide presentation for an extensive presentation, and a 10 slide presentation for a shorter abridged version of that presentation.

Fully Controllable Presentation Creation
Slides can be added, deleted, and sorted to create the perfect presentation for each situation.

Real-time Previewing
In addition to the thumbnail versions and larger "readable" versions of the source slides incorporated into the interface, real-time previewing of slides in PowerPoint format is supported.

Native PowerPoint Support
Once created, the user exports their presentation in native PowerPoint format for presenting. All embedded media (audio, video, etc.) is exported into a single folder along with the slides to make for easy trouble-free presenting or distribution.


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