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A Comprehensive Media Solution for Distance Learning.

DvDSym Presenter is another product in our growing line of virtual presentation solutions. DvDSym offers similar product features and interactivity of vSym Presenter, except on the DVD-Video platform. This platform allows DvDSym Presenter projects to utilize the best audio and video quality available, as well as DVD's ubiquitous market saturation.

DvDSym Presenter projects offers flexible viewing options for the end user. DvDSym can be played on any standard "set-top" DVD player, portable DVD players, along with personal and laptop computers with DVD-ROM drives. The controls for navigating a DvDSym presentation are simple and intuitive. The user can skip forward and backwards through the slides using the chapter skip buttons on their remote control. DvDSym utilizes DVD's "viewing angles" for presentations, allowing the user to change between a full screen slide view and a split screen speaker/slide view at any time during the presentation. Users will find a DvDSym Presenter experience to be a familiar pleasant one!

DvDSym disks can also contain a vSym version of the same project, allowing all the functionality of vSym and the flexibility of DvDSym on a single disk. Additionally, DvDSym can be created using the same source materials used for creating a vSym.

DvDSym Features:

  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Multiple language tracks (when available)
  • Scrolling transcriptions in multiple languages (subtitles)
  • Additional data embedded on DVD-ROM Section of disk
  • 2-8 hours of content per DVD disk
  • Fully customizable to suit your needs

Applications for DvDSym Presenter:

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Product Training
  • Symposium/Meeting Documentation
  • Product Training
  • Professional Education
  • Product Promotion
  • Distance Learning


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