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vSym Presenter Online Demo

vSym Presenter Online Demos requires that the Macromedia Flash Player version 6.0 or higher be installed to your system. Demos launch in a separate window.*

get Flash Player

New Features:

Multi-Lingual Architecture - The vSym Presenter architecture now supports multiple languages for video audio and transcriptions.

Auto-scrolling Transcriptions - Users can now read along with the audio/video in a vSym Presenter Project if so desired. Transcriptions can be available in multiple languages.

Slide Content Search - All of the non-bitmap content within slides can be searched on a per presentation basis.

Unlimited View Modes - In addition to vSym Presenter's original fullscreen and splitscreen modes, unlimited other view prefrences can be set for size of slide, video, text information and transcription fields.

Mutli-Part Presentation Media - Individual presentations can now be broken into multiple parts or "modules" that are more "web-friendly" for an end user. This process is transparent to an end user.

Media Type: Video
Duration: 22:59
Slide Count: 26

* If you use a utility to disable pop-up windows you will have to disable it to view the vSym Presenter Online Demos

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