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Top reasons to choose vSym Presenter over competing products.

1. No third-party utilities needed:
Most companies' solutions require the end user to install third-party utilities to view the content in their products. Some examples of these utilities are Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime or the Java Virtual Machine. This will discourage most users. With vSym Presenter the user needs only a web browser with the Flash plug-in.

2. No special server software or hardware needed:
vSym Presenter does not narrow your hosting options by using special servers; this means that you can host vSym Presenter content virtually anywhere. Utilities like Real Player and QuickTime require special software is installed to the serving computer. This increases the time it takes to post and configure content. With vSym Presenter, simply post your content as you would any other web page.

3. Vector and Raster slide graphics:
vSym Presenter utilizes vector graphics throughout the shell of the program as well as in the slide content itself. Vector graphics are smaller in size, download quicker and scale much better that rasterized graphics such as JPEGs or Bitmaps.

4. In-slide animations and videos:
Most products allow you to have a sequence of static slides in your presentations. vSym Presenter allows for animations and videos. You can now incorporate all of your rich media into your presentations.

5. Thumbnail overview of presentations:
Incorporated into every vSym Presenter presentation is the ability to view a "thumbnail" overview of the current presentation. With a thumbnail overview users can quickly view and jump directly to any position in a presentation.

6. Ultra-responsive navigational controls:
Users quickly get discouraged when they navigate a presentation and are constantly bombarded by "buffering" or "pre-loading" messages. vSym Presenter's controls were designed to give the user a pleasant learning experience. With it's "down to a fraction of a second" controllability, users can now truly learn at their own pace.

7. No recurring fees:
Many competitors charge a subscription fee or monthly licensing or hosting fee. With vSym Presenter you can post the content anywhere so no fees above the initial production costs are incurred.

8. Multi-architecture delivery:
With most companies, if you want to both distribute your content on CD-ROM and post it online, you were paying for the same work to be done twice. vSym Presenter was designed to bridge the gap between tangible media delivery and online delivery. Any standard vSym Presenter project can be easily ported back and forth between delivery platforms.

9. Bookmarking:
On Extended CD-ROM vSym Presenter projects are equipped with the ability to save bookmarked positions in presentations. This is very helpful for marking points of interest to share with colleagues, or just as a means to keep track of progress in a larger program. Our Online vSym Presenter versions will soon have the ability to bookmark positions as well!

10. Slide printing:
vSym Presenter allows for the user to print "hand-out" style printouts of a presentation for review later. Most online symposium solutions do not offer this as an option, or charge considerably extra.

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