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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Symposium or vSym?
This technology goes by several names. Webcast, online meeting, internet presentation or webinar are just a few. A Virtual Presentation or vSym is simply re-creating the presentation, symposium or meeting as a digital, distributable product.

What is vSym Presenter?
vSym Presenter is our premiere product/service solution for creation of virtual symposiums. It has evolved from over a decade of cumulative experience and knowledge in multi-media programming.

How does vSym Presenter work?
vSym Presenter is an application written specifically for the Macromedia Flash plug-in to deliver the highest quality graphics, audio and video content. This allows vSym Presenter programs to be distributed on tangible media such as CD-ROM or posted on the internet or an intranet. Check out a demo of an online presentation.

What can vSym Presenter do for me?
The possibilities are endless? vSym Presenter can expand the target audience of your next meeting globally. Now users from around the world can view your content quickly and easily.

What makes vSym Presenter different from similar products?
Similar solutions require the installation of one or more third-party utilities such as Windows Media Player or Real Player. Configuring these utilities to work properly adds an extra difficulty level for the user. vSym Presenter requires only the Flash plug-in which is already installed on the majority of the worlds PC's. In addition, our product uses advanced streaming technologies that allow for near-instantaneous presentation start up and ultra-responsive controls. Couple that with the highest quality vector graphics, video and audio and you have a superior product. Check out our Top reasons to choose vSym Presenter over competing products.

How do I get my materials converted into a vSym?
If you have existing materials that you would like to have converted into a vSym Presenter project contact our Sales Department to check if your delivery formats meet the specs required for a vSym Presenter project.

How much does an average vSym Presenter project cost?
Production costs are based on quantity of presentations and complexity of materials. The average vSym stand-alone presentation is only a few hundred dollars. Larger complex syposiums obviously can reach the tens of thousand dollar mark. Contact our Sales Department for a quote for your specific needs.

Do I need any special servers or software to host vSym Presenter content?
No, vSym Presenter content can be hosted on any conventional web server.

What does my audience need to view vSym Presenter content?
Online vSyms need only a web browser with the Macromedia Flash plug-in. CD-ROM vSyms are self-contained. For more detailed information see the vSym Presenter System Requirements and Recommendations.

Can I have animations and videos in my vSym Content?
Yes, we can incorporate video and animations into slide presentations as well as using video content for the speaker. This is what sets vSym Presenter apart from other solutions.

Where do I get the Flash plug-in?
The Macromedia Flash Plug-in is available for free at Macromedia's website. Simply follow on screen instructions for installation.

Are vSym Presenter CD-ROM projects viewable on Macintosh computers?
Yes, vSym Presenter CD-ROM projects can be developed to work on both Mac and PC platforms.

Are vSym Presenter Online projects viewable on Macintosh computers?
Yes, vSym Presenter Online projects are compatible with both Mac and PC computers, as well as any computer with a web browser and the Macromedia Flash plug-in.

Is the appearance of a vSym Presenter program changeable or will my project look like everyone else’s?
Yes, vSym Presenter projects are "skin-able" with five skins to choose from. For a slight additional cost a custom skin can be developed specially for your project. In addition, we have more standard skins in development to accompany the original five

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